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The Best Running App for the iPhone

The Best Running App for the iPhone

For those of you who, like me, like to explore running apps~ I have found one that works incredibly well with my iPhone 5 AND my Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor AND my Motorola 305 wireless headphones. After trying many very adequate apps, I have settled on the ismoothrun app because it works seamlessly with my equipment.

Additionally, it has a ghost run feature so I can train against my own times over certain courses. The app uploads to many different programs for tracking your runs at home and has a feature to set interval runs with rest and activities programmed. Each of these items is important for me so I invested the $4.99 (now 5.99) and have loved it for over a year.

Other programs either did not integrate well with the equipment that I mentioned or was missing a feature that’s important to me.